Manet Mobile’s technological solution for the hospitality industry relaunch

Manet Mobile and the technological solutions for restart the hospitality field

TRAVELNOSTOP.COM The survey carried out by Manet Mobile has had the main aim to analyze Covid-19 effects on hospitality and the necessary changes to put into practice to restart. More than 550 hoteliers, hotel managers, front office managers were interviewed and the all of them underlined the fundamental role that technology will have in the […]

On holiday with the hotel’s free smartphone as a virtual concierge

On holiday with the hotel's free smartphone that acts as a virtual butler

LSOLE24ORE.COM The Italian startup offers hotels guests a customized device in 10 languages, enabled to call … Read more Share: Condividi su facebook Condividi su twitter Condividi su pinterest Condividi su linkedin Condividi su whatsapp Condividi su email Related Posts see all >

Android helps Manet create a useful new resource for hotels​

Marco Maisto, CTO and co-founder and Marco BARbato, CPO and co-founder work on the Manet solution

GROW.GOOGLE The idea behind Manet is to provide guests staying in accommodation such as hotels, bed & breakfasts and holiday homes with a smartphone. Unlimited international calls and 4G access are included. This takes away any issues with Internet connection and roaming costs. The phone can also be used to stay in touch with accommodation […]