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Over the years we have established and consolidated commercial collaborations with important companies, in order to offer a high quality and increasingly complete solution

content partner

Manet has partnered with Musement, a platform allowing travelers to make their trips unforgettable by offering them a broad choice of experiences.

These experiences include admissions to museums and attractions, temporary events, guided tours, exclusive experiences and free activities. Your guests can plan their activities and explore the city with tips and advice from local experts directly through Manet smartphones.

These include not only the best “things to do”, but a wide range of activities including exhibitions, temporary exhibitions, curiosities as well as free events.

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Manet has partnered with GetYourGuide, a travel experience booking website that, since 2009, has gained the trust of millions of travelers, establishing itself as one of the leaders in its sector by offering unique and unmissable activities.

Whether it’s skipping the line for the Eiffel Tower, taking a cooking class in Rome or exploring Amsterdam by bicycle, GetYourGuide offers the best activities available in any destination. GetYourGuide Original delivers tours and ad hoc activities allowing people to explore and appreciate in depth every destination.

Together with its local experts network and its 24/7 customer service, GetYourGuide guarantees that every experience, from booking to its end, is easy, fun and, above all, unforgettable.

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Manet has partnered with Tiqets, an innovative platform in the online distribution of digital and instant-deliverable tickets for museums, parks, tours and attractions all over the world.

Tiqets’ goal is to make culture and entertainment more accessible, offering your customers a wide availability of fast-access tickets – even last minute – directly on smartphones and the opportunity to immediately enter the most important attractions in the world .

Tiqets’ adventure began in 2014 and since then the company has helped millions of people discover and experience cultural and unforgettable activities all over the world.

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Manet has partnered with DoctorsinItaly, the digital marketplace that makes it easy for everyone to find a local English-speaking doctor while traveling in Italy.

DoctorsinItaly uses a digital platform to shift non-emergency patients to primary care sites, medical offices, and clinics. Patients are seen with an appointment, without waiting. 

Doctors have the necessary time to assist them. 

English is spoken.

At the moment, DoctorsinItaly is available on the Manet solution for our customers based in: Rome.

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Manet has partnered with Cesarine, Italy’s oldest network of home cooks.

Cook and dine with local home cooks

They are passionate and welcoming hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences.

The Cesarine experience booking has a dedicated card on Manet app or devices.

content partner

Manet has partnered with WeAGoo, a company specialised in the production of geolocalized points of interest (POI).

All information is categorized in order to be easily filtered and provided with geolocalized coordinates. Information text length is standardized in order to avoid excessive length and avoid scrolling on mobile devices.

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Manet collaborates with Vox Group, world leader in the supply of audioguides and digital tools for the tourism and cultural sectors.

Popguide and Unmissable Visits allow you to experience cutting-edge self-guided sightseeing tours. They enclose hundreds of points of interest, thanks to which you can explore destinations or famous museums through audio commentaries and stories by local experts in different languages. They include not only text and images but also walkthroughs and public transport itineraries, offline navigation and customizable favorite places.

content partner

Manet has partnered with Pemcards, a company focusing on people's emotions, putting them on paper and making them real and eternal. Pemcards turns photos into real postcards and in a few clicks, allows you to send them all over the world! No need for physical postcards, stamps and mailboxes. All you need is a smartphone.

“Emotions and memories are the most precious assets we have… conserve your Best Moments and create real postcards using Pemcards”

content partner

Manet has partnered with Where®, world's most important brand in the travel publishing sector, providing rich digital content as well as any other information travelers may need, all from a "local" perspective.

Thanks to Where® Italia, your international guests in Milan and Venice can discover the most important events in the city, places of art as well as new shopping, dining and entertainment trends. English content is edited by journalists of Where® Milan and Where® Venice editorial offices.

technology partner

Manet has chosen Samsung, global leading smartphone vendor, to ensure users the best mobile experience both from a software and hardware perspective, taking advantage of all Android features.

The Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) grants us access to a greater number of features of the device, allowing us to build a safer and more functional solution. In addition, Manet is able to perform deep customization to meet the needs of your accommodation facility and your guests.

technology partner

Manet offers your guests unlimited calls and internet access through the network of a leading European operator: Vodafone.

Therefore your guests can enjoy high quality voice calls and 4G full speed mobile web connectivity allowing fast information and content loading.

technology partner

Manet has started a partnership with WindTre, a leading italian mobile and landline operator, in order to accelerate growth of Smart Tourism and Smart Travelling services by means of WindTre's new "Super Network", a mobile infrastructure of about 20000, 5G-ready transmission sites.

In particular, thanks to services of the WindTre Business brand, Manet will be able to enrich its already wide range of solutions, capable of satisfying even the most demanding tourists and travelers, adopting high quality and transmission speed standards.

innovation partner

Manet is a partner of Startup Turismo, a reality born to put Italian tourism startups in contact with each other to share experiences, strategies and contacts.

The Startup Turismo association offers many services aiming to accelerate innovation on a national as well as on an international level.

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