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Carefree connectivity and many services for your car rental customers. In a single solution!

Advantages for your car rental

Manet revolutionizes the car rental experience, optimizes operations and streamlines logistics!

Offer connectivity
to car rental customers

car rental revenues


daily car rental operations

the rental process

The Solution

Choose the connectivity solution that adds value to your car rental clients’ experience and simplifies daily operations


All benefits of Manet devices are now available directly on customers' smartphones.
The Manet App offers international connectivity thanks to eSIM (virtual SIM) technology.

Manet device homepage for car rentals


An all-in-one Device that can be used as a portable wifi hotspot and as a GPS navigator and also offers unlimited phone calls and internet connectivity as well as extra destination and car rental services.

Dashboard and Manet device for car rentals


Use our Dashboard to manage rentals and stats regarding Manet App and Device usage. Communicate easily with your clients and view their preferred itineraries.

Use Manet features,
to offer a great experience to your customers!



Let your customers surf the web directly on their own devices thanks to eSIM technology or offer them free international calls and unlimited Internet connectivity through Manet Devices.

GPS Navigator

Manet devices can be used as GPS navigators.
The Manet App, thanks to eSIM connectivity, allows usage of personal navigators and apps, like Google Maps or Waze.

Roadside Assistance
and accident management

In the event of a car accident or vehicle failure Manet users can easily request road assistance through a dedicated function!

Return stations

Manet reports all car pick-up and drop-off points. Users can find the nearest destination by selecting it on the map or by performing a quick search.

Destination content
and travel tools

Thanks to Manet, car rental clients have at their fingertips lots of destination tips and useful travel tools as well as tickets for experiences(emergency numbers, currency calculator etc.).

Multilingual support

Manet is available in 10 languages to ensure that travelers from all over the world get the most familiar and engaging experience.

Contactless check-out

Thanks to the integration of a plug&play vehicle control device, Manet allows users to:

Quick installation and 100% compatibility with all vehicles

Manet allows you to open and close the car, lots of opportunities for your business!

Thanks to the Manet Dashboardyou can simplify daily operations and keep in touch with your car rental's customers to make sure their rental experience is flawless.

It can be used from any device (smartphone, pc, tablet) and requires no installation.

Dashboard and Manet device for car rentals

for your customers

Manet is a useful, convenient and innovative service for your car rental customers.

Connectivity abroad

to surf the web directly from personal devices (through eSIM technology ) or through Manet Devices

Car rental

for easy consultation of rental information, documents and roadside assistance.


for tourist guides and services, travel tools, event tickets and experiences.

Give your car rental a boost with Manet!

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Discover all benefits of future connectivity!

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Discover Manet,
a single solution that offers connectivity and extra services to car rental customers

Make your customers' travel experience unique, reduce costs of all operations and increase profits by promoting your car rental's services and partners.