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Increase hotel revenues with Manet premium features

Maximizing revenues is the main challenge hospitality professionals face.

Hotels have perishable inventory and if a room stands empty for the night, the opportunity to earn revenue from renting it out is gone and can’t be recouped.

So, the main commercial objective for any hotelier is to maximise income coming from every single occupied room: Manet solution has been designed with the aim of helping hoteliers amplify additional revenue generation opportunities, while also helping travelers make the most of their journey.

Adopting the Manet solution to increase hotel revenues

Manet provides hoteliers with a SaaS platform containing many marketing tools aiming to promote their ancillary services and maximize sales revenue.

Push notifications, for example, can be used to entice guests to book specific hotel services. Just think of a hotel restaurant with dinner table availability: sending a last minute offer (discount, free drink,…) notification to guests will make them feel pampered and will encourage them to book their dinner table, helping the hotel make the most of the resources dedicated to the facility.

Moreover, thanks to its premium features, Manet provides additional revenue opportunities to every accommodation facility, including the ones not offering any proprietary ancillary services.

What is a Manet premium feature?

Manet premium features are functionalities available on Manet devices, offered to end-users for a fee generating a revenue that is shared between Manet and the Hotel.

Manet premium features’ goals are enhancing and elevating guests’ overall experience and, at the same time, generating incremental revenue for hotels.

Thanks to Manet premium features even accommodation facilities who do not offer any ancillary services have the opportunity to easily increase revenues and offer extra services to their guests, without going into any additional financial or operational costs.

Manet premium features are developed thanks to collaboration with carefully selected partners adopting high quality standards in order to offer best in class experiences.

Manet premium features include wifi hotspot connectivity, audioguides, virtual reality and social food experiences.

Manet hotspot has been designed to provide travelers with seamless internet connectivity and makes multiple (up to 5) device tethering possible.

The audioguides service covers 100s of points of interest with multi-language audio commentary and stories from local experts, rich text and image contents, walking and public transport tour routes and offline navigable maps including personal drop-pins.

Virtual Reality 360° view experiences offer users an incredible sense of wonder by virtually transporting them to another place, another world, a bygone era in another time.

Social food experiences allow guests to live unforgettable moments while cooking and dining with local home cooks.

Manet is constantly evolving, implementing new features and selecting new content partners in order to provide end-users with a wide choice of experiences and hoteliers with incremental revenue opportunities.

Therefore, and in a nutshell, Manet is the solution that transforms vacation stays into unforgettable experiences while, at the same time, significantly increasing hotel revenues!


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