Hospitality software integrations

We work to integrate our solution with the most popular PMSs, channel managers and booking engines, in order to allow a perfect connection between Manet and our clients’ systems.


Ermeshotels is a leading Italian company in the distribution systems for the hotel market, a platform that allows you to manage your hotel with simplicity and immediacy, streamlining revenue activities thanks to Channel Manager, Booking Engine and tools for direct hotel sales.

Native Cloud, fast and intuitive, has a strong focus on reports that are designed by experts in Revenue Management and Sales.


“Mews is a highly flexible, feature-rich, cloud-based property management system for hotels."

“We use powerful space management software and smart automation to simplify hotel operations, helping you to focus on guest experience and maximize every opportunity to boost revenue”.



"The hotel management software that makes you work well and live better."

“Powerful, complete, easy, efficient. 5stelle* is a 100% cloud pms which frees your time and increases your potential”.


Thanks to our advanced interface algorithm, Manet can communicate with every PMS, channel manager and booking engine, expanding integration opportunities of any hospitality software platform.

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