Manet is an innovative solution for hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals and their guests.

For guests

Free calls

Free unlimited local and international calls worldwide.

Free internet

Unlimited 4G connectivity outside the property.

Hotspot feature

Internet sharing for personal laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Hotel services

Room call, my concierge, services reservation: open communication channel with the hotel.

Guides and tips

Exploring the city with tourist itineraries and local experiences.

Tickets and deals

Tickets booking for top attractions,
museums and events in the city.

For accomodation facilities

Increasing revenue streams

Full customize environment for driving in-house services and co-marketing.

Stats and analytics

Aggregated data about guests routines, visited places and interests.

Boost feedback

Integrated multi-channel (TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, etc.) review system.

Marketing tools

Push notifications, call-to-action and geolocated messages drive your sales.


Instant benefits for accomodation facilities

Manet's hospitality technology is able to enhance guests travel experience and guests satisfaction and keep a personal enclose connection which is paramount to anticipate guests needs.

Manet offers new tools for endless co-marketing and partnerships opportunities which drive creating new revenue streams.

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The best high-end hotels, B&Bs and vacation rentals are already using Manet.

Collect positive feedback from day one and expand your brand awareness and guests loyalty.