Manet is an innovative solution for hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals and their guests.

For guests

Free calls

Free unlimited local and international calls,
all over the world.

Free internet

Unlimited flat 4G internet connection,
all around the city.

Hotspot feature

Internet sharing for personal devices,
such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Hotel services

Room call, my concierge, services reservations:
permanent link with the hotel during the stay.

Guides and maps

City exploring thanks to detailed tourist guide, maps and our travel tips.

Tickets and deals

Tickets booking for the top attractions,
museums and events in the city.

For accomodation facilities

Increasing revenue streams

Full customization for the accomodation facilities for promoting inner services, partners and deals.

Stats and profiling

Collect useful data about guests routines, visited places and interests, in order to optimize partnerships and deals.

Feedback boost

Bump up your brand by offering an incredible added value for guests, attracting more positive reviews.

Reaching guests

Direct connection with guests during their stay by using push notifications, phones and media messaging.

Services reservations
Positive feedback
Daily minutes of use
Guests satisfaction

Instant benefits for accomodation facilities

Manet's hospitality technology is able to generate several instant benefits for the accomodation facilities, thanks to the enhancement of the travel experience of guests and their satisfaction.

Manet offers new tools for enhancing business opportunities and partnerships.

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