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the right mix that adds substantial value

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Manet consists of two inseparable and perfectly integrated parts: on one hand, a smartphone equipped with a local phone card that allows our users to make national and international calls, to take advantage of an unlimited 4G internet connection, to enjoy the most relevant city attractions using our detailed and friendly guides. On the other hand, an intuitive web platform addressed to the hotels allows to manage all devices, to handle customized and direct advertising activities, and to collect useful statistics on devices usage and services demands.

Free International calls & Internet 4G flat

Free calls and internet flat have now become a reality with Manet!


A complete tourist guide will follow you during your travel.

Smartphone Manet


One of the main features concerns the customization of the smartphone’s homepage and contents.


All the main features of Manet are available for you just in one tap and in 6 different languages.

Innovative CRM System for the Hotels

focused on promoting and increasing the revenues related to their services.

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Management & Booking services

The hotel can easily manage the booking of all of its services (Restaurant, Spa, Room Service etc.).

Geolocalized push notifications

The hotel can communicate with every single mobile through an innovative push message service.

Dashboard Manet

Analytics Platform

A great number of useful statistics regarding the offered services and the device employment are gathered and tidily showed.


Our smartphones can perfectly integrate with PABX (internal hotel's phone networks) and PMS (hotel's management software) systems.

Manet Features

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Manet is addressed both to users and hotels: it acts as a unique tool
that constantly accompanies the guests during their stay.

Hotel Services Manet
Hotel services

Massages, romantic dinners, a dip in the pool, room service: with Manet you have everything in the palm of your hand.

Tour Guides Manet
Tour guides

Manet is also a tourist guide containing more than 100 point of interest. Manet also provides exclusive commercial offers and deals.

Travel Tips Manet
Travel Tips

The information offered by Manet covers all the needs of those who are in a foreign country: tips on what to see and other useful indications.

Food & Drinks Manet
Food & Drinks

Restaurants, pubs, wine bars and much more available with a simple tap on the screen.

Growing Bookings

Booking the hotel services will be simple and faster.

Your clients will be able to make a reservation from their hotel room, throughout a work meeting or a sightseeing walk.

Manet is a luxury item: one will be to attract new clients and increase the booking through an innovative and effective service.

Increase your appeal

The hotel guests will be extremely amazed to find Manet in their room. Positive reviews about your hotel will grow day-by-day. Last but not least, with Manet every device can be customized:

  • Branded back cover
  • Docking station
  • Extra accessories
  • It is possible to offer Manet on tablets upon request
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