Manet is the fully customizable digital concierge for your guests

Manet allows you to offer your guests a tailor-made experience, to make the most of their stay at your hotel. You will be able to easily manage your daily operations and increase your revenues.

Our customers

Each client is unique to us.

Manet is customized according to your requirements, to meet your needs.

Convey your guests the real essence of your hotel

Manet allows your guests to live a truly authentic experience, in keeping with your idea of hospitality, every step of their journey.

Manet key benefits

Manet allows you to easily digitize the guests experience, helping your hotel to:

Point out
your ancillaries

guests’ satisfaction

daily operations


Point out your ancillaries

Manet allows you to manage all the hotel’s information: at any time you can choose which details add, edit or delete.

Furthermore, you can upload new content or services about the hotel at any time. Manet customization allows you to add all the hotel’s ancillaries: restaurant, room service, SPA, transfer. Your guests can see and book them easily and securely.

A guest books breakfast with the Manet app

Improve guests’ satisfaction

Manet tools and features improve and simplify your guests stay, by giving them all they need to make their experience unforgettable, every step of their journey.

This also helps you in collecting positive reviews from guests.

Optimize daily operations

Manet allows you to get in touch easily with guests and streamline communication with them at any time during their travel.

Your daily operations are optimized by better communication and a digital management of the overall guest experience.

A guest receives a notification from the hotel through the Manet app
Thanks to Manet you can make available to your guests all your ancillary services

Increase revenues

Manet customization allows to promote your hotel’s information and ancillary services, giving you the chance to increase revenues.

Thanks to Manet, your hotel’s info and services can be conveyed at best, increasing bookings, even before the stay.


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Discover Manet,
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