The tailor-made Manet operating system enriches the experience of your guests.

Manet relies on a customized version of Android, the most widely used mobile OS in the world. Our smartphones are especially designed to solve the most common needs of guests, so as to revolutionize their stay. At the same time, Manet enables the accomodation facilities to increase their revenues thanks to new or improved business opportunities.


Manet offers unlimited and free international calls all over the world and a flat and free Internet 4G connection: real calls and the top speed connectivity.

Tourist content

Manet accompanies the guests thanks to a detailed tourist guide, with multimedia content, geolocalization, travel tips, food & drink, tickets booking, and much more.

Hotel and room integration

Manet extends the room landline with our advanced room features: room call, services booking, door opening, smart TV control, room automation, and much more.

Involve your guests thanks to our devices and enhance customers satisfaction and brand reputation.

High-end device

Manet devices are high-end Samsung smartphones customized by our tech team for hospitality industry needs.


Manet OS is specifically designed to simplify and improve the user experience thanks to a suitable user interface.


Manet devices are provided with precise multilanguage support that allows their use by guests from all over the world.

Fully Customizable

Our smartphones can be completely personalized according to every accomodation facility in order to include spcific information and services.

Proprietary media platform

Take advantage of our exclusive platform to promote your services or partners, display advertising, offer deals and so on.

Push notifications

Stay connected with guests during their stay thanks to our messaging system or simply by calling them on Manet local phone number.