The fully customized digital concierge to upgrade your guests’ stay experience

Implement a winning strategy, and put your hotel in your customers’ hands!

Manet helps you in digitizing your ancillary services, to make available all the comforts offered by your hotel to guests and to enjoy the destination.

The Manet solution


Manet App is the intuitive solution to communicatewith guests, keeping them informed about your offer, allowing them to preview and book all ancillary services and lots more!


With Manet Device you can offer your guests all the App benefits, as well as the opportunity to make free worldwide unlimited calls, to have free unlimited Internet connectivity and other innovative features.


Manet Dashboard includes useful features to control and personalize Manet App and Devices, to manage ancillary services information and bookings, and to communicate with your guests.

Thanks to our proprietary interface algorithm, Manet can be able to communicate with every PMS, expanding the integration opportunities to any hospitality management platform.

Digitize the guest experience with Manet Smart

A single solution, many features for your hotel


Choose the content and the appearance of the Manet solution: we’ll support you, to make our solution in keeping with your idea of hospitality.

Ancillary services

Manet allows to see and book easily and securely all your ancillaries, both internal and esternal. You can add restaurant, room service, SPA, transfer…

Direct comunication

Manet offers a direct and real-time communication channel between your staff and guests, for any need.

Destination tips

Manet offers your guests many contents on the destination, to make their stay even more interesting and rich.


The check-in and check-out platform simplifies and speeds up your guests’ arrival and departure operations.


Thanks to Manet, you can anticipate your customers’ needs and keep up with the best tech innovations!
From today, you can offer your guests Manet eSIM*, a virtual SIM to surf the web without worries.

*only for supported smartphones


Manet includes many additional features, to offer your guests everything they might need!

Choose the Manet Unlimited option

Offer a new standard to your guests

Manet Device on Docking station

manet device

Manet Device can be made available to guests directly in the hotel room. This solution expands the App features, by offering your guests unlimited possibilities…

Dashboard Manet

By using the Manet Dashboard you will be able to:

Dashboard and Manet device for hospitality


Manet app on different devices

Enhance your customers' travel experience with Manet

The innovative solution to offer connectivity to your customers, keep in touch with them, convey your services and increase your profits!