Our answers to the most frequently asked questions

Thanks to the Manet solution, clients have your business always in the palm of their hand, with an average interaction of over 90 minutes a day! You can take advantage of this tool by sending informative or promotional notifications to clients. Notifications can also be scheduled or geolocated and sent to a single client, to a group of clients or to all of them. Moreover, clients have at their disposal a chat service through which they can communicate easily and effectively with the hospitality provider.

Manet devices and the app are completely customizable with information and services offered by your accommodation facility so that your clients have always at their disposal all the information they need. To further promote a specific service you can push notifications to Manet either manually (deciding time by time when and to whom these are sent) or automatically on a schedule (for example, if you manage a hotel, you can schedule a notification, sent at 7pm of arrival days of new guests, informing them about room service, the dishes of the day and special offers).

Certainly. Thanks to Manet your clients can access anytime and from anywhere, on a dedicated area, all information regarding and all services offered by your business. Moreover, you can decide to send individual or broadcast push notifications, either on demand or on a schedule, to promote your services even when your clients are roaming the city.

Manet is a much appreciated service allowing travelers to transform their trip into a unique experience. This, in itself, leads your clients to leave positive reviews, which you can further encourage with notifications. 

With Manet your business is always within reach of your clients! The possibility of booking all extra services offered by your business,  at any time of the day, naturally increases revenues, especially if supported by push notifications. 

Moreover, your clients can buy supplementary premium services. This possibility is offered to you on a revenue sharing business model bringing you additional revenues.

The Manet service is designed to allow hospitality providers to get the best out of their business: we therefore invite you to fill in the contact form to get a personalized quote.