A SaaS platform designed to improve the experience of your clients

Manet dashboard is implemented with responsive technology in order to be ready to every device.

The web dashboard is aimed at you working in the travel and tourism sector.

It can be accessed from PC, smartphone or tablet and includes all functionalities regarding Manet device control, management of services and bookings and communication with your clients.

Manet devices and the web dashboard communicate constantly, allowing you to interact with end users to promote sales of your business' services, convey commercial partnerships and collect statistical data regarding your clients' profile and behavior.

Manet device and dashboard for hospitality


Use the dashboard to customize and manage information and ancillary services of your business. Manet devices synchronize content in real time, allowing your clients to be always updated on your offer.


Offer added value to the travel experience of your clients and increase revenues with Manet premium features, the activation of which is subject to payment by end users.


Send individual or broadcast push notifications to Manet devices to convey useful information or commercial offers. Thanks to Manet's real-time chat, every request of your clients can receive immediate feedback.


Make all ancillary services of your business available on Manet devices, allowing clients to book them directly anytime and from anywhere.


Collect information about most popular itineraries for your end users and use it to develop marketing and sales strategies. Based on the position of your clients you can send notifications, even automatic ones, to promote local partners and offers.


Refine and improve your offer by analyzing statistics about user profiles, their preferences, actions, behavior and interaction with the device.

Improve operations

Informing timely your clients about all services offered by your business takes time and generates operating costs.

Thanks to the web dashboard you can centralize these activities and reduce workload. This way you can focus on client satisfaction and provide the best possible experience.

Manet dashboard
Real-time dashboard chat with Manet devices, in order to satisfy every guests need

Enhance communication

Increase contact opportunities with your clients and optimise communication with them!

Real-time chat allows your clients to text you for requests or information at any time.

They can book any additional service from anywhere and, thanks to the “Bring me here” function, easily get back to your business.

Get to know clients

What do your clients do when they are around the city? What are the most photographed monuments or the most popular streets?

Thanks to geolocation, the Manet dashboard provides you with information about most popular itineraries and most photographed points of interest allowing you to build profitable commercial agreements.

Use the dashboard to discover what are the most popular ancillary services and premium functionalities for your clients.

Manet dashboard heatmap to visualize geolocation data on users behavior
Manet dashboard and multilingual scheduled push notifications

Increase revenues

Manet offers you a simple and effective platform to promote your business and additional services connected to it, giving you the opportunity to maximize your revenues.

Use push notifications to promote specific services or your business partners.

Customize information

The device section that is dedicated to your business can be customized through the dashboard.

You can edit, update or add any information or service and Manet devices will update in real time.

Manet dashboard CMS to real-time manage content and ancillary services
Manet devices and dashboard protect users privacy thanks to clear data feature.

Protect user privacy

All processes fully comply with GDPR provisions.

All data is collected in aggregate and anonymous form. Data deletion occurs automatically when the device is handed back but it can also be performed manually by users at any time and for any reason.

And what about your clients?

A completely customised device containing all information regarding your business, offering connectivity and the best tourist content