Choose Manet to maximize hotel revenues from ancillary services

It is a fact that there is a positive relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty and the hospitality industry is no exception to this rule. It is also quite evident that customers of every industry become more demanding every day.

Modern travelers have come to expect quick and efficient service delivery throughout all their stay. Moreover, hotel guests love receiving experience suggestions, and service proposals anticipating their desires. People travel to enjoy new destinations and discover unusual things while being connected to their loved ones and friends to share their travel experiences with them.

This is why successful hoteliers are today the ones managing a wide offer of ancillary services that are easy to book, are efficiently communicated and are aligned to their guest’s needs and lifestyle.

Set your hotel apart with Manet: enrich the guest experience

Manet is an innovative integrated hospitality technology aiming to upgrade guest experience and increase hotel revenues. Manet is composed of a SaaS platform (web dashboard) designed for hotel managers and a fully customised smart device (hotel smartphone) acting as a communication gateway connecting travelers to hoteliers.

Thanks to Manet, hoteliers can offer their guests tools and features (like free international calls and 4G internet, travel tips etc.) aiming to enrich their travel experience and develop loyalty. Manet is not only an excellent complimentary service for hotel guests but also an easy-to-use and effective ancillary service reservation interface facilitating a natural increase of hotel revenues.

Put ancillary services at guests’ fingertips and increase revenues

Ancillary services are a very important revenue source for any accommodation facility. Market data shows that, on average, 51% of tourists staying in hotels, purchased at least one ancillary service in addition to the stay.

Manet helps hoteliers amplify and simplify guest access to hotel ancillary service booking, and thus expand sales. Manet devices are customized with a hotel-focused section providing direct access to information and booking of any available ancillary service like restaurant, spa, room service, transfer etc. Thanks to this section travelers have hotel’s ancillary services at their fingertips and can book them at anytime and from anywhere.

The Hotel will receive these service booking requests directly on the Manet web dashboard and will be able to provide feedback via chat or push notification.

Push notifications can also be used to promote effectively ancillary services or commercial partnerships, they can be scheduled or geolocalized and sent to a single guest or to a group of guests. For example, hotel managers can decide to schedule a push notification the day before guest check-out to propose an airport transfer to a specific guest or to send a message to all guests promoting a special dinner at the hotel restaurant.

These notifications will usually be perceived as delicate attentions by guests, improving their idea of the hotel’s standard while maximizing ancillary service visibility and revenues.

How Manet helps increase room service orders

A study performed on adults aged 18 to 65 brought out that room service is the most important element of hospitality-related services, second only to WiFi connectivity.

Is your hotel exploiting the full potential of room service?

When travelers are inside their hotel rooms, making a room service order is usually quite easy for them. However, when they’re out visiting the city, tourists have lots of dining options and may not think about hotel room service. But even when room service is the most desired option, placing an order when out of the hotel and asking to have it delivered upon return is quite complex as calling the reception, asking for all menu options and placing the order by phone is a frustrating and time consuming procedure resulting in unsatisfied guests and lost orders and revenues.

Manet-equipped hotel guests can instead place room service orders at anytime, from anywhere and very easily, directly on Manet devices thanks to an interactive menù containing room service options (available meals, prices, quantity, delivery timings). Once an order is received, hotel managers can see it on and confirm it through the Manet web dashboard containing also useful tools to manage and promote in-room dining options offered to hotel guests. This way room service sales go up and guests are happier than ever before.

In fact, Manet devices can be configured with the interactive menu of room service, that guests can use to place their orders in a few steps (just indicating quantities and the desired delivery time).

Use Manet to take your hotel’s ancillary services performance to the next level!


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