Manet: Exceed your guests’ expectations​

What do modern hotel guests want?

The basic rule for any accommodation facility is to make its guests feel like at home, but what makes the difference is making them feel special.

Little extras and unexpected courtesy gestures will make your guests grateful to you.

Exceeding your guests’ expectations is the best way to earn their loyalty and turning them in ambassadors of your accommodation facility.

Manet: a digital travel assistant and a powerful revenue booster

“I found Manet incredibly useful for the most of my clients. After a long flight, it’s always good to have your ready-to-use mobile device with network connection which you can carry wherever you want. Easy to use and full of nice content, I think it’s a nice touch for and our clients love it!”

(M.B., Resident Manager at Margutta 19)


Manet is an innovative hospitality technology solution helping hoteliers to increase accommodation facility revenues and to improve the travel experience of millions of tourists.

The original idea behind Manet was about creating a product that would have replaced landlines in hotel rooms. But lot more has been done: starting from this idea, an integrated “ad hoc” technology solution for hotels, consisting of a smartphone and a web dashboard, has been developed.

The smartphone, equipped with a customized version of the Android operating system, is a digital travel assistant that accompanies travellers with a range of useful services during their entire stay: free local and international calls, unlimited internet connectivity, mobile wifi hotspot function, tourist guides and tips, ticketing for local attractions and events, smart door opening, smart TV and room automation control.

The web dashboard is a SaaS platform addressed to accommodation facility managers, providing them with a complete range of tools for promoting and selling ancillary services, collecting statistical data about guests’ preferences and behaviour and monitoring web reputation. Manet dashboard also performs as a communication gateway thanks to the real time chat and the push notifications service, allowing accommodation facility managers to connect with guests even when they are out of the property.

How Manet can help you boost your accommodation facility’s revenues?

Offering Manet to your guests will enrich their experience with a useful high-tech travel tool, giving them the opportunity to make the most of their stay. On the other hand, Manet amplifies and simplifies guest access to hotel ancillary services booking and enhances guest to be always in direct contact with the accommodation.

The above key factors result in higher guest satisfaction, web reputation improvement and, finally, hotel revenues increase.


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