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Hospitality Technology

Manet's “Hospitality Technology” accompanies users during their entire stay inside and outside from their hotel room. Manet represents the first fully customizable smartphone that can integrate or even replace hotel room phones. The main features that we have designed especially for hotels concern the customization of the smartphone's homepage and contents, the possibility of broadcasting push messages and the integration with other technological platforms.

Manet Hotel Web Panel Manet Geolocalized Push Notifications Smartphone Manet

customization of the smartphone's homepage and contents

consists in the possibility of branding it with a banner of the hotel's logo. Moreover, hotels using our platform can add to it all the information about their services (like spa, restaurants etc.) and business partners. They can also enrich the platform with the latest news and links inviting customers to review the hotel on sites like TripAdvisor.


Push message sending

is a tool that hotels can use to send real time notifications to their guests. This functionality can be exploited to transmit service messages or to attract customers to commercial offers (meal discounts, happy hours etc.). Push messages can be either broadcasted to all the customers of an hotel or sent to a specific customer only.


Integration with other technological platforms

is also a very important feature. Manet smartphones can perfectly integrate with PABX (internal hotel's phone networks) and PMS (hotel's management software) systems allowing customers to avoid missing any phone call and being welcomed by a customized Manet device found inside their hotel room upon arrival.

Our Mission

Manet's goal is to revolutionize the Hospitality Indusrty's market in the most important tourist cities, providing major accommodation facilities with an innovative technological system able to improve their guests' user experience and optimize their services' sale.

Our Vision

Manet's vision is to integrate all hotel services' management in a single technological solution: from Revenue Management to check-in, from inner services to door unlocking via smartphone, and eventually domotics, floor staff management and ex-post data control.

Our Strategy

Manet's strategy is to integrate or even replace the current in-room telephones with a latest generation smartphone that allows hotel's guests to be always connected and to have all hotel services within everyone's reach.

Extra Earnings

Improve your Business

Internal services Promotion

With Manet the hotels have an up selling of their internal services.

Revenue Share

Extra earnings thanks to revenue sharing programs with Manet partners.

Enhance guests stay

Analytics about clients' preferences, booked reservations, used services etc.

Growth with Manet

Feedback & Visibility

The number of positive feedbacks will grow exponentially.

Commercial Partners

The hotels can offer visibility to their sponsors or commercial partners.

Occupancy Rates

Manet helps the hotels to increase their occupancy rate.